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Well alright then! Yes, this is it. This is and I hope you love it.

This site exists for the purpose of telling stories from behind the veil.

All stories herein are fiction, while at the same time are researched

and inspired by true events. The stories told give voice to the voiceless,

Truth to the lies, love to the hateful and words to the wise. Listed from

left to right:

Halal: Are a group of short stories which delve into the goodness of

a Part Time Hijabi.

Haram: Are stories that show the Part Time Hijabi in a light that would

be considered as such.

Halal/Haram: Are a list of stories which do not categorize

the hijabi as either Halal or Haram. Where it instead asks the

reader to draw their conclusions.

Support: Lists the ways in which you can support this work and there are many ways.

If you’d like to contact me please reach out to the email:

Please, keep the love flowing. Stories of yours and criticisms welcome.

I can’t promise a reply as I’m probably writing now.

Please support the Movement whichever way you may.


Thank You