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Coming soon: A Hindi Love Tales of Jauhar: Submission. This book is placed in the year 1327 in what is now the Sindh Province of Dalarki in modern day Pakistan. Before railroads and bordered states on the end of the holiday Holi, , A Hindi Love Tales of Jauhar: Submission Takes us on a journey through the Hajj pilgrimage through the eyes of a captured Hindi man made Eunuch, named Aadi. Taken for the long journey from India to Mecca, Aadi showcases the plight of a eunuch/man as he falls in love with Aadhila, whom were captured upon her attempting Jauhar when her village had been invaded by Ahmet Mustafa., A tale of tragedy, we follow behind the eunuch as he witness atrocities, learn the importance of life, love and self in continuing forward as long as he can hold dear.